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Hello, I'm Caroline Righton creator and author of The Life Audit.

Welcome to The Life Audit site.

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The Life Audit will help you ask yourself the Big questions:

      Are you in control of your life?
      Do you ever wonder where the time goes?
      Are you doing the things YOU want to do?

Whether you want to make more time in your life , or plan a whole new way ahead, The Life Audit tools here, allowing you to record your time and life charts online, will help you ask the big questions about the direction your life is taking.

Joining the site for just £10.00 will mean you can take stock of where you are now, see where the time goes and fast track towards your chosen goals.

Use this system for whichever crossroads in life you have reached, from student days through mid-life to retirement. Let it help solve life dilemmas to do with relationships, work, health, finances and much, much more.

If you haven't already got them you can buy online The Life Audit and The Life Audit: Handbook for Life

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